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Free webinar on building an EPIC career in digital marketing

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A free webinar on building an EPIC career in digital marketing.

Available to view now.

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Building an EPIC career in digital marketing will give you the opportunity to:

  •  Earn great money in the long run (jobs for experienced marketers range from £35K to £100K+)
  •  Have a clear career path to extremely high paid jobs and leadership roles
  •  Work within really interesting businesses or for huge clients
  •   Continue to learn and develop rapidly throughout your career
  •  Work with cutting edge advertising technology

Some of the things I'll cover in this FREE webinar: 

1. The opportunity

Before pursuing a new career, you need to know about the opportunities that exist within it.

I'll go into the money you could be earning, the available, career progression, and the why the job is so exciting.

2. Key Concepts

You're going to need to know the key concepts needed to be a competent digital marketer. 

Within the webinar, I will be teaching you all of these. 

In a short space of time, you'll get to know so much!

3. The ad platforms

I'll cover all the different marketing platforms and strategies advertisers use to make money. 

I'll then explain why Facebook advertising is one of the hottest industries in the world for you to realistically build a truly EPIC career.

Teach me!

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It's written for people completely new to digital marketing, will teach you the basics of social media advertising, and give you a head start if you decide to immediately pursue a first digital marketing internship or job.

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Why learn from me?

I have the credentials

Within a year of leaving uni, I joined a startup company called Mastered. 

In just 2 years, I spent over £2.5m on FB and IG advertising to help them generate over £7m in revenue!

I now lead social media advertising at a London startup called Perkbox.

Within 18 months, I've spent over £4.5m on social media ads to help Perkbox grow across the country. 

You can follow my footsteps

Learn about my career below, because you can build one similar to mine, or one that's even better!

You can browse my LinkedIn profile. 

You can read my the stories of my career on Medium.

You can see me at work in a video taken at Mastered.


I've been approached to interview with companies and startups like EA (Games), Just Eat, Buzzfeed, Made.com, Unilad, Deliveroo and many more. 

I've also had several chances to travel for work or to take my career abroad, because digital marketing is a global discipline.