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Welcome to digistudents

I created this brand to train and coach uni students and recent grads towards digital skill related careers they'll be in love with.

I'm Asif, I went from graduating in law to working in customer service, to the eventually becoming a successful digital marketer for one of the top startup companies in the country.

My successes:

Spent £2.5M advertising budget in 2 years at a fashion startup, for them to generate £7M+ in revenue.

Currently leading all the social media advertising at Perkbox, a startup which has crowdfunded at a valuation of £75M.

Spent over £3M on digital advertising at Perkbox to allow them to grow across the UK.

Now, I want to help others follow in my footsteps, just because there is so much opportunity and not enough ambitious and smart talent in the industry.

There are two ways I'm doing this:

1. My free webinar on building an EPIC career in digital marketing. 

2. My 4 month training program to get you into a digital marketing internship or job.